M1,M2 & M3 18ct Gold and Diamond rings HS7d in 9ct Y gold & HS10d in silver H64 Silver raised edge ring H29d & H31d 9ct Gold splits and Diamonds rings HOHT Heavy oval section half textured HF Heavy flat section M41 9ct white Gold and Topaz ring SS1 9ctY Simple round band & SS2 9ctY with 2mm red Diamond HW19, HW20 & HW21 Platinum half carat Diamond fitted ring set H6 Silver 6mm wide flat beated band H4 Silver 10mm wide flat beaten band H719ct Gold and Amerthyst ring H11's Palladium and H51 Palladium and Aqua Marine H73 9ctY with Diamond HS46 & H47 18ct Gold rings with qtr ct sq Diamond HW23 and HW24 with 6 text set on one edge


The first design idea for a new collection always appears in my mind as a ring. The rings I make are available in Silver, 9ct & 18ct Red, White and Yellow Golds and the majority can be made in Platinum and Palladium. My rings have been chosen as wedding rings by couples searching for something different.

Prices range from £98 to £3,900 for pieces on this page.

To request the price of a specific piece or to place an order, Contact Me.

The rings shown here are:

M1 18ctY plain band.
M3 18ctY single diamond ring.
M4 18ctY scatter diamond ring.

HS10d Silver 10-11mm wide ring with diamonds.
HS7d 9ctY Gold 6-7mm wide ring with diamonds.

H64 Silver and oxidised ring 8mm wide.

H29d 9ctY 10-11mm wide splits ring.
H31d 9ctY 6-7mm wide splits ring. both rings have 3 diamonds in.

HOHT heavy 3mm thick oval silver ring, half textured.
HF Heavy 2.5mm thick flat silver ring.

M41 9ctW gem ring with tapered shank and 5.5mm Blue Topaz.

SS1 9ctY 2.5mm round section band.
SS2 9ctY 2.5mm round band set with 2mm red Diamond.

HW19 Platinum fitted band.
HW20 Platinum twist ring with Half carat Diamond.
HW21 Platinum fitted band with 5 diamonds.

H6 Silver 6-7mm wide flat band.

H4 Silver 10-11mm wide flat band.

H71 9ctY gold 3-4mm wide band with 4mm round Amerthyst.

H11 Palladium 3-4mm wide flat bands.
H51 Palladium and Aqua Marine princess cut stone.

H73 9ctY 3-4mm wide flat band with 2mm brilliant cut Diamond.

HS47 18ctY 4-5mm wide band with grooves, set with a square quarter carat diamond.
HS46 4-5mm wide band with grooves.

HW23 18ctW 3mm wide flat/round band.
HW24 18ctW 3mm wide flat/round band with 6 Diamonds set on one edge.