M78 Necklace and M83 Bracelet. Silver with 9cty gold ring. M95 silver & 9cty gold small earring drops M87ag9cty 2in1 earrings M98 silver & 9cty gold circles pendant M96 Small silver & 9cty pendant M94 clip-on earrings. Medium circle and chain drop with two 9cty gold ring on one of them M92 Aysmetric circle earrings M75 Large circles pendant on 102cm chain M42 small heavy circle pendant M19 small heavy silver hoop stud M10 pendant M90 & 91 Collar and bangle with silver and gold moving rings M13 hammered silver circle pendant M86 Silver circles with heavy 9ct gold link pendant M79 Bangle, three thin beaten silver linked with a heavy 9cty gold ring M77 clip-on earrings, long dropping circles M2 Collar and M5 bangle M84 Earrings M43 Silver three circles pendant M40 Silver ring with Peridot and Sapphire M5 and M5d Silver bangles one set with Diamonds M31 Silver pendant circle inside a 3cm circle M20d and M21d Silver and Diamond moving rings collar and bangle M24lbt Silver circle ring with blue Topaz M19d Silver and Diamond hoop studs M22 & M48 Silver circle studs 1cm and 0.5cm across


Produced from round wire of various thickness these images show a small selection of pieces from the collection.

Prices range from 33GBP to 520GBP for pieces on this page.

To request the price of a specific piece or to place an order, Contact Me.

The pieces are

M78 Necklace and M83 Bracelet. Silver hammered circle links with heavy centre link, 9cty gold ring detail and a T-Bar fasteneing.

M95 Earrings,2cm drop, small silver heavy circles with 9cty gold ring.

M87ag9cty Earrings 2 in 1. The outer circle can be taken off to leave a small M22 size stud.

M98 Pendant, silver and 9cty gold approx. 3cm diameter.

M96 Pendant, small heavy silver and light 9cty gold circle, approx. 2cm diameter.

M94 Earrings Clip-on, medium circle on chain drops.One earring has two rings of 9cty gold. 7cm long.

M92 Aysametric earrings, two silver circles, one medium circle on chain. 7cm long.

M75 Long pendant. Large silver circles. 102cm long.

M19 Small heavy circle hoop stud, silver.

M10 4cm diameter circle pendant.

M90 Collar, solid silver with a total of 15 silver and 9cty gold moving rings.

M91 Bangle, solid silver with a total of 18 silver and 9cty gold moving rings.

M13 Hammered circle pendant. approx 3cm diameter.

M86 Pendant, three light silver rings linked with heavy 9cty gold circle. approx 3.5cm diameter.

M79 Bangle, three thinner beaten silver wire bangles linkes with a heavy 9cty link.

M77 Clip-on Earrings, long dropping circles. 7cm long.

M42 Small heavy silver circle pendant. approx 2cm diameter.

M2 Collar & M5 Bangle.

M84 Earrings with long wire, approx 6cm long, two beaten circles, 25mm across at widest point.

M43 Pendant, in silver of 3 small heavy circles on an adjustable 42-45cm chain.

M5 Polished silver bangle & M5d Matt silver bangle with 10 Diamonds.

M20d & M21d Bangle and Collar with moving rings in silver and Diamonds.

M24 Ring, silver 2.5cm circle set with blue Topaz.

M40 Silver ring set with Peridot and pink Sapphire. The ring is 5-6mm wide on top and 2-3mm at the bottom.

M31 Pendant,3cm silver circle with smaller circle inside.

M19d Earrings in silver and Diamonds.

M22 Silver circle studs, 1cm across & M48 Tiny circle studs, 0.5cm across.