Q. How do I order jewellery through your site?
A. Please email me with the product code of the piece(s) you're interested in and your contact details and I will contact you.

Q. When will I receive my order?
A. Pieces normaly take 30 days to deliver. If you need it sooner than this please let me know I just may have one in stock.

Q. What is the length of chain on your pendants?
A. All pendant are supplied on an adjustable 42-45cm (16"-18") chain. Unless stated otherwise in the description. I can supply pendants on longer chains. Please let me know the length required when you order. This may change the price.

Q. Can I have a different stone set into the piece I want?
A. Yes. This may change the price of the piece.

Q. Can I have a larger or smaller stone set?
A. Yes. This may change the price of the piece.

Q. I have stones from an existing piece of my jewellery, I would like them set into one of your designs. Can this be done?
A. Yes, depending on the stones and the piece you want them set into.

Q. What sizes do your rings come in?
A. I work with the UK sizing A-Z+6 although not every ring is available in all these sizes. I am able to convert European and US measurements into the UK scale. Please make sure the measurement is recent and accurate. I will charge for alterations that need to be made after the order is placed.

Q. Can you make your rings in Platinum?
A. Yes I can make the majority of jewellery in Platinum, Palladium, 18ct Red, Yellow and White Gold, 9ct Red, Yellow and White Gold and Silver.

Q. How do I clean my DKH jewellery?
A. Polished surfaces can be cleaned with a silver or gold polishing cloth. Do NOT use the cloth on matt surfaces. Matt surfaces can be cleaned with a dry green scouring pad.

Q. The matt finish on my jewellery has gone shiney?
A. In a circular motion rub over the surface you want to matt with a dry green scouring pad. DO NOT rub over any gems that are set in the piece.

Q. How can I remove the dirt from behind the diamond in my ring?
A. Leave the ring to soak in hot soapy water. Then gently brush the dirt away with a toothbrush. Do not do this with Opals or Pearls.

Q. The ring I brought has gone black in places?
A. This is normally due to chemicals in your skin reacting with the silver content. It can be cleaned off using the methods described above. Quite often it is an initial reaction and the ring will wear itself clean again.

Q. Can bracelets, bangles and necklaces be made to fit?
A. Yes. I make bracelets 18.5cm long. Bangles have a 6.3cm inside diameter. Necklaces are 42cm long unless stated in the desription. If you need anything different to this let me know by email and I will contact you.

Q. What if I don't like it when it arrives?
A. Please read my Delivery and Returns details.


Any further questions you may have regarding my work or to place an order please contact me by email.

Email: Deborah@dkhjewellery.co.uk