33pt square Royal blue Sapphire
33pt square royal blue sapphire set in a 9ct gold 
setting with silver shank and diamonds in the shoulders.
Red gold ring, 11mm wide set with 26 diamonds
 Red gold ring, 11mm wide set with 26 diamonds set in random groups.
set of five 9ct gold rings
Set of five yellow gold rings. Each ring is 2mm wide and
one is set with 10 diamonds
white gold ring with celtic love knot style engraving
White gold wedding rings with celtic
love knot style engraving.
Red gold ring with rubies
Red gold ring with Rubies.
Platinum and Sapphire ring
Platinum and multi coloured Sapphire ring.
18ct Gold ring set with customers own diamonds
18ctY ring with customers own diamonds.
9ct White Gold and Ruby ring
Design is a detail from the wedding dress.
Silver emerald cut Cufflinks
Silver cufflinks.
Red Gold and coloured Diamond rings
18ctR Gold and colour diamonds.
Customers own Ruby set in 18ct Gold
Customers gem set in 18ctY.
Silver rings set with Ruby and Diamonds
Ruby and Diamond set Silver rings.
Platinum ring set with customers own Diamonds
Platinum band, customers old cut Diamonds.


As you can see I welcome commissions. The majority of pieces I have made over the years have been based on my own designs with an added twist from the customer but, I am happy to work with a customer from their own design idea to a finished piece.

Before you send me your design idea by email. Please consider the following questions as a guide to the details I will need to know.

What colour metal do you want, white, Red or Yellow?

What colour gem do you want?

What shape and size of gem do you want?

How wide do you want the ring, bangle, etc to be?

How long do you want the bracelet, necklace, earrings to be?

What size ring do you need? Ask a jewellery shop to size your finger. Don't be too hot or too cold when you go and ask them to use a narrow ring sizer.

What is your budget? There are many factors that affect the price of your design. If your first option is working out too expensive I can work with these factors to try and fit your budget.

Do you need the piece ready for a specific date? I need 6-8 weeks to deliver a commission piece.

Please do not ask me to copy an exsisting piece by another designer or fashion house.

Make sure you send me your contact details, name, email or postal address and phone number.

With these answers and a clear and detailed description of your idea, I will be able to reply with a drawing of your design and work out an approximate price for you.

Email: Deborah@dkhjewellery.co.uk